Game Play: Take on the role of Cthulhu and show the world you are the Only One.

  • Click on life boats to summon a green portal in the sky.
  • Once a portal is summoned click on the screen to throw a comet from your portal.
  • Deflect enemy projectiles with your comets.
  • Defeat the the Boss to win.

Team: Design, Code, Graphics, Voice over (Yes I learned some legit Cthulhu dialogue),  Music all done by ONLY ONE person (Josh Burleson!).

Jam Theme: I decided to go more dramatic with the theme rather than taking it literally. I focused on creating the "feeling" of being the Only One rather than a specific mechanic. You can fin mechanics of Only One sprinkled throughout the game.

Thanks for playing and thanks to Mark Brown and team for a great weekend jam session.

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