Match-Lite Castle is a combination of a color match game and rogue-lite. 

How To Play

  • Choose a door to start (recommend easy)
    •  :Easy
    • : Normal
    • : Hard
    • : Mini Boss
    • : Boss
  • Match colors to attack
  • No useful colors? Press to get new colors for non-held gems.
  • Enemies do attacks when reaching full power
  • You can prevent an enemy from casting by attack it when it's at full power (turned blue)
  • Destroying furniture gives you gold to buy things in the store
  • Using gems with icons does bonus effect like +damage or healing
  • Once you're powerful enough take on the Mini Boss
  • Get the key from the Mini Boss to open the Boss room. Can you defeat the castle?

All design, programming, art, sound and music by Josh Burleson for LowRez Jam 2019.


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I did it, I beat the game! YES C:

Woot! Congrats and thanks for playing all the way through the game.

I really liked the pace and play style of this. Being turn based with everything in front of you it really makes it approachable and something you might pull up every so often to have a bash at. Also, being that you can generate random room after room means there's a definite degree of replay-ability.

A little bit of feedback I'd like to give is in the UI. I found the palette to match the windows a little too similar between pink/purple. Also, with the info windows, a button at the bottom instead of just the X in the top right would be great!

Thank you for taking the time to play my submission And leaving great feedback. Those sound like good changes to make.