1st Post Jam Update (Feedback Improvements)

Well it's been over a week now since the first GMTK Game Jam was finished. Since then I've been working  away on a post jam update for Rickety Rocket. The feedback received from my fellow jammers was insightful and I wanted to apply it immediately.

I take player suggestions seriously. If you have something you'd like to see in the game please let me know. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Discord: JoshBurleson#1198

Player suggestions that have been implemented:

  • Getting health back
    Enemies now drop pickups that give the player a very small amount of health back. I want to do more with this mechanic as it's kinda uninspired but for now t helps balance the game.
  • Hard to control:
    Many tweaks/balances have been done to make the ship feel better to control. Obviously the main mechanic of the game is the skill in controlling the rocket so it's always going to feel difficult on some level.
  • Mobile:
    A joystick has been added to the mobile build of the game. Normally I loath touch screen joysticks but for some reason it just works in this game. Something about the "arcade" like feel of the game.
  • Aiming difficulty:
    Most "projectile" based weapons not have a lock on mechanic. Each weapons is a little different but so far this seems to help the player be more accurate without being to easy.
  • Progress Meter
    Players wanted a way to see how far along in the level they are. Not sure I like this mechanic but it's worth exploring.

  • Leaderboards:
    The game now has online leaderboards for level clear time. Beat the level, input your name and live in infamy.

Player suggestions being worked on:

  • Varied enemies:
    Working on designing/testing new enemies currently.
  • Enemies are to easy to to pick off/sit next to and dump shots into:
    Some enemies are always going to be easier than others depending on what weapons you have. Some balances have been made to make this harder to do but can still be done in some cases.

New features/fixes:

  • Fixed some crazy velocity issues with the rocket.
  • Rocket starts out with Rear/Front weapons.
  • New "Swarmer" Enemy.
  • New Mine/Missile Enemy Traps.
  • Weapon pickups swap on pick up (So you can still pickup the old one).
  • Weapon pickups indicate if they're for the front or back weapon slot.
  • New Weapon pickup icons.
  • Put weapons/item into a DB.
  • More apparent when the shield is taking the damage vs the rocket.
  • Rocket UI indicates weapons.
  • The recharge sound only plays once instead of spamming it over and over.

To Do:

  • New levels/level generation.
  • New enemy types.
  • New weapons.
  • New item type that provides passive stats/bonuses.
  • Redo various Visuals/Effects.
  • Controller support.
  • Shield mechanic still needs work/is buggy.
  • Incoming asteroid UI indicator.


  • Multiplayer.
  • Upgrade System. Get "Enemy Souls" to buy health/upgrades/weapon drops, etc.
  • Character System (Unlock new rockets/characters to play as).
  • Bosses.
  • Secrets.

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