Title: Rickety Rocket

Creator: Josh Burleson (Design, Programming, Art, Music, etc)
Contact: JoshBurleson#1198, @Josh_Burleson, joshburlesongames@gmail.com

This game is my submission for GMTK2017 and my first ever game jam.  

How To Play:
Point your mouse the direction you want to fly. Hold down the left mouse button to activate thrusters. Release the left mouse button to fire your collected weapons.


  • Levels are generated randomly every time you play.
  • While shields are up, the rocket takes no damage.
  • Activating thrusters will drop the shield.
  • Restore rocket energy by landing on any platform.
  • Starting pickups change each run.

Reach the end of the level.

Dual Purpose Theme: 
The mouse controls all the games mechanics a) thrust, b) weapons, c) shield, d) energy recharging, and e) maneuvering.  Specifically left clicking will control the rockets thrust, weapons and shield control.  Landing serves as both a way to slow the player down and recharge energy.   Energy controls ammo supply, shield strength and thrust supply. Etc.

* Lots of things can be better/redone but I’m very excited by what I was able to create in 48 hours. 
* This game was designed with the ultimate goal of being on mobile.

After submission found a bug in the desktop version that when the player crosses the exit door the "Winner Scene" doesn't load properly. The web version seems to not be effected by this bug. Please let me know if you find any others.

Platforms: Desktop
Engine: Unity
3rd Party Tools: DoTween, TextMeshPro, SceneLoaderSystem, UniversalSFX, Adobe Illustrator, Logic.

Thank you to Game Maker’s Toolkit for hosting this event. 


RicketyRocket_GMTK48HourGameJam2017_OSX.app.zip 27 MB
RicketyRocket 23 MB
RicketyRocketWebGL_GMTKGameJam2017Submission 21 MB

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