Take on the roll of a mother trying to survive the apocalypse brought on by the rogue planet Nibiru.

A,W,S,D - Move
Spacebar - Use Weapon
Double Tap A/D - Roll
Shift - Run
1,2,3 - Change Weapon
R - Reload

Design, Programming, Art, Music and Audio done in a single week by solo developer Josh Burleson for CGJ2019.
Mother Voice: Trista Burleson
Boy Voice: Noah Burleson


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Really nice graphis that youi have made and the voice recordins are of really good quality.

Some suggestions to improve the game:

- make the enemies weaker (especially on the first one when you try to get used to the game the enemy takes a long time to kill)

- let the character stay equiped with the weapon they are holding. It is a bit anoying to have to press the number button for your weapon of choice everytime you want to use it. Instead maybe just let it stay in the hand.

- the hitbox of the bat takes some time to get used to.

Overall I enjoyed playing I and would like to see more.

All great points I agree with. Hopefully I'll get the chance to address them in the future. Thanks for the feedback!


awesome dude, i like the script and the theme

I really appreciate that :)